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The Atlantic tunnel was opened to traffic Saturday on December the 19th, 2009 at. 14.00.The collection of tolls started at 15:00.
Atlantic tunnel is a tunnel and bridge project in Nordmøre, connecting Kristiansund and Averøy, along highway 64

The tunnel is about 5,727 meters long and approximately 250 feet deep.
The project, started in 2006. It was scheduled for completion in 2008, but was delayed due to poor mountain. The pass-through first came March 19th 2009.
Atlantic tunnel is Kristiansunds second connection to the mainland, Averøy is connected to the mainland by the Atlantic road. The first connection to the mainland goes by Freiøya, further through underwater tunnels and bridges in Krifast connection.
A road connects and helps the district to be tied together better, and that the public and private service offering expands. This we be positive for business and settlement in the Kristiansund region.

It is not possible to use bicycles or walk through Atlanterhavstunnelen.
Nettbuss have bike racks on all its buses and can carry 5 bikes.

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